This is an informative site about the popular Japanese Series “Inuyasha”, which happens to be one of the most beloved Japanese animation characters of all time. It would be appropriate to say that an entire generation of children grew up watching Inuyasha after the school hours. Among these are Inuyasha (the main character), Kagome Higurashi, Miroku, Sango, Shippo who are the main characters. Other characters of this Japanese Manga include Kikyo, Kohaku, Shako, Midoriko, and Onigumo. The main villain is Naraku, the spider demon. Inuyasha was an incredibly successful cartoon character based on a Japanese theme, like other Japanese animation characters such as Doraemon. Almost every child knew about the superhuman strength of Inuyasha. Inuyasha happens to be the child of a woman called Izayoi and a dog demon “yokai” whose name is Inu no Taisho. Takemaru, who is Izayoi’s guardsman is angry about this relationship and kills her using a spear. But Izayoi is brought back to life by Inu no Taisho with the help of Tenseiga, his sword. The loss of energy of this entire process kills Inu no Taisho, and he ensures that Takemaru will not be able ever to find where Inuyasha or his mother is. Kagome Higurashi happens to be the second character and the person who is relating the sequences. Kagome happens to become Inuyasha love interest in the series. To sum up, it would be right to say that the Inuyasha series is one of the most exciting series in Japanese anime which have captured hearts around the globe.