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An Image Representing The Concept Of The Tips TO GetRid Of Exam Stress.

‘Exams!’ The very word instills fear and anxiety in students who are getting ready for competitive exams like UPSC exams. The humongous amount of study material and all the efforts put in until date seem to dissipate at the very mention of the word. The uncertainty about the questions paper and the certainty of the most probable answer, add to the already weighing down pressure. All this pressure leads to stress. Chennai’s best IAS coaching centre has come up with a more innovative method of beating the stress through cartoons. Yes! You read it right! The Inuyasha series is the best way to bust the stress.

Stress the Silent Culprit

Competitive exams and stress are tandem equations. They run parallelly. One should not succumb to stress during the time of preparation or the exam. The downside to this is stress is a silent culprit. It creeps in without our knowledge! There are several signs and symptoms to diagnose a stressed individual.

Signs of Stress:

  • Memory Problems
  • Poor judgement
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Constant worry
  • Focussing on the negative outcome
  • Irritable nature
  • Moodiness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • General unhappiness
  • Muscle tension and aches
  • Gastrointestinal disturbance

A Teenage Girl Getting Tired Due To Exam Stress While Preparing For Her Competitive Exam.

Now that we have seen some common symptoms of stress pertaining to competitive exams, let’s move on to the coping up part. Check Out Here –

Kick The Silent Killer with Simple Tricks

Acknowledge the exam, it’s Real!

Accept the fact that the exam is real and it will happen under any circumstances. Accept the fact that you have to prepare hard and persevere to ace the exam. This thought will eventually calm the brain and will let it process all the information that you put in it.

Organise yourself, Declutter your brain

Prepare a timetable and adhere to it. This will ensure your brain is decluttered and you will save you from anxiety. Prepare your own timetable according to your convenience. Do not let others do it for you, because only you know your speed and nature of preparation.

Douse the White Noise! Stay away

Every Tom,Dick and Harry will be ready to advise you on how to prepare for your exam. Advice is always cheap. Do not let it dictate how you prepare for your competitive exam. Do what suits your style of learning and comfort levels.

Take A break. Have some fun

Sitting in front of the book all day and reading the same thing over and over again is not going to help you. Take a break. Watch the Inuyasha series to have a break in the monotony of the study. Go for a walk. Play some games with friends. This will keep your body healthy and your mind sharp.

Image Represnting The Concept Of Stress While Preparing Competitive Exams

Good Study Habits And Cartoons Aid As An Effective Stress Buster?

Do you have good study habits? It’s never too late to acquire them .Here are some useful tips to acquire good study habits.

  • Find a calm and quiet place to study without any distractions.
  • Set up your study area. Make sure it is clear of clutter
  • Find out all that you can about the examination. Chennai’s best IAS coaching centre is the best place to get all the required information .
  • Organise your ideas into mind maps and make them colourful.
  • Plan your schedule and break it down into smaller tasks. Attack each task, one at a time
  • Regular short breaks are mandatory for a healthy study habit.
  • Always ask for help. Mentors at Chennai’s best IAS coaching centre are highly qualified and are ready to help you anytime.

Cartoons are major stress busters. They relate to the child-like nature of an individual and helps him laugh out loud without any inhibitions. Sarvesh Mehtani, the IIT-JEE topper from Chandigarh can vouch for this point. He mentions in an interview that watching cartoons helped him manage stress while he was pursuing his long time dream of cracking the IIT -JEE exams.

Cartoons let a person relax, unwind and even laugh a bit. The characters exhibit an inherent humanity which everybody can relate to. They are also not boilerplate, so there is an unexpected twist and turn which cannot happen in real life. The brain signals happy hormones to be released which in turn bring the stress levels down.

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